customer testimonials

Ing. Michael Schartner

In 1993, I was asked to build a Log Ski School in my village in Austria.

The project was very large and far too complex in the log work area for my company to take on the entire project.

The owner Rudi Huber, a former World Cup ski racer, was advised of this and he set out to find a Canadian Log Building Specialist to build this Log Ski School.
The owner’s ski instructor, Martin, had worked in Canada for 8 years and had also attended the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building. Wayne Sparshu, the instructor of the course, was top-notch.

Martin recommended to his associate that Wayne was the consultant and instructor to hire for this project because of his expertise in construction, education and interpersonal skills.

Wayne, Glen and Jeri Sparshu and 2 of their helpers came to Austria in 1994 and, with our assistance, a Log Ski School that had a realistic time-line of 9 to 12 months was   far enough into completion in 9 weeks to where it was operational and open for public use!

This outstanding project won an award for the Best Wooden Architecture in the entire County of Salzburg Austria for 1995.

I highly recommend Wayne Sparshu as an educator, consultant and someone who possesses excellent management skills in the log building industry worldwide.

Since 1993, I have had the privilege of having Wayne’s company, Spar-Log Homes, come to Austria to build two additional log structures with excellent results.

I personally recommend Spar-Log Homes to anyone who is looking for the highest quality of lot work and, as a company that truly puts their customers’ desires first.

Ing. Michael Schartner
5602 Wagrain – Markt 77

* Note that in 1984 Michael graduated with honours as the youngest master carpenter ever in Austria, and now operates his family business that was begun by his father in 1952.

Jim and Dee Miller 

When Dee and I decided to build a log home, we researched many builders.

We made our decision to build with Spar-Log Homes because they appeared very experienced, skilled and honest in building log homes.

Our decision was correct. Spar-Log Homes were as they appeared. Wayne and his crew designed and built our log dream home.

After allowing a few years for the moisture level in the logs to stabilize and the settling to take place, Wayne made some adjustments to the log work to ensure that all was in order.

We would not hesitate in recommending or building again with Wayne and Spar-Log Homes.

Jim and Dee Miller  
Robb, Alberta    

Elaine and Frank Gruger

Coming to a decision to build a log home did not come lightly. It was 2 years of research, planning, sketching, headaches and a lot of dreaming to build our Dream Home.

Our decision to build with Spar-Log Homes 4 years ago (1998) made our dream a reality!

Wayne’s expertise and knowledge and Glen’s excellent workmanship and care have given us a home we truly call ours and love.

Their ability to work to the highest quality of log building (and we have seen very many log homes which don’t even come close to the quality of Spar-Log Homes), gives us the reassurance to recommend Spar-Log Homes to anyone even thinking of building  a log home.

Our home is always open to those persons just passing by and wishing a quick peek and our praise to Wayne, Glen and their families and crew are always of the highest, thanks for a job well done.

Elaine and Frank Gruger
Sherwood Park, AB