tech talk

The overscribed Double-cut Lateral Groove system is our method of fitting together large naturally beautiful logs.

This system was created by Spar-Log Homes and allows the notches to carry 100% of the weight at construction time and approximately 80% after stable moisture content has been reached (about four years). The long term integrity of your log work is highly dependent on the notches carrying most of the roof load of your building for its full lifetime.

Overscribing means the notches carry most of the weight and the lateral grooves carry very little during construction and they begin to carry more of the weight as the moisture content stabilizes in the logs.

To keep your home airtight and energy efficient now and forever we install two specialized log home gaskets in the lateral groove which is cut with the Groovy Tool invented by Spar-Log Homes. This allows the gasket to seal snugly when the logs are fit and when they have completely cured.

This log fitting system allows us to provide you with an Airtight Warranty which means that your home will be as beautiful, energy efficient and cozy to live in the day you move in as when it is hundreds of years old.

The long roof overhangs that we provide your home with do several important things. First they reduce the UV rays on the stain on the logs, extending the lifetime of the stain and protecting your logs from deterioration. They also keep rain from falling on your logs and entering through cracks in the logs that occur naturally as a result of the drying process, protecting the internal part of the logs from breakdown. Long roofs also extend your living space by keeping areas underneath them, such as decks, dry for all seasons.


A long roof overhang is a compliment to the overall appearance of large natural logs as well as the best preservative you could ever use.


We have journeyman carpenters working with you from design to completion which means we understand all aspects of your construction and we help you design a home that is within your budget and efficient for all trades people to perform their work in. We can completely finish your home or guide you through the process.