log home lifestyle

Your Spar-Log home will keep you warm when it’s cold outside, cool when it’s hot, breathe to provide a healthier environment and invite you to reach out and touch!

Log homes feel good and wooden homes have been known for centuries to be the healthiest.


The logs breathe, filter air, modulate sound and stabilize temperature.

Constructed from pieces of over one hundred trees, each approximately one hundred years old, the average log home contains over ten thousand years of life energy.

When you choose logs to build your home you have chosen a sustainable building product and a truly renewable resource. Properly maintained, log homes can last hundreds even thousands of years. The use of local logs also reduces transportation costs.

Spar-Log Homes promotes the use of recycled rubber roofing and environmentally safe stain products.

At Spar-Log Homes a well designed and well built log home will not only have our Air-tight Warranty, but it will also breathe, creating a much healthier environment.



 We will provide you with insights that will inspire you and open your mind to create a log home that is beautiful, inviting to live in and highly energy efficient for all seasons.