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  1. What size of logs do you use?
  2. Can you send me some floor plans?
  3. Where do you build?
  4. What size of homes do you build?
  5. Are your homes energy efficient?
  6. How long have you been building log homes?
  7. What is your “Airtight Warranty” ?
  8. What kind of stain is best?
  9. What makes Spar-Log Homes Inc Different

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    1.What species and size of logs do you use?

    Most of our log walls are built from Lodgepole pine or select Alberta White Spruce. Our roof and support beams are constructed from select Alberta White Spruce because of its superior size and strength.Our most common log size is 12 – 14 inches at mid-span. These logs would have a 16 – 20 inch butt size. Smaller and larger logs are available.
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    2.Can you send me some floor plans?

    We have many plans that we have built however we have never built two homes from the same floor plan. Our staff will discuss your desires and help you create a log home that will fit your lifestyle. Spar-Log Homes can supply the design and plans for you, or work with your designer.
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    3.Where do you build?

    We have built for the Canadian, American, European and Japanese markets.
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    4.What size of homes do you build?

    Our most common size is 1000 – 3000 square feet. Because of the diversification of our company we have built buildings from 100 – 13,000 square feet.  The determining factors for our company are design, quality, long-term sustainability and customer satisfaction, not size.
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    5.Are your homes energy efficient?

    Yes! By combining our Double-cut Lateral Groove log fitting system with our Spar-Log Homes Airtight Warranty the result is a superbly energy efficient log home.
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    6.How long have you been building log homes?

    Founder Wayne Sparshu has been building since 1977 and foreman Glen Sparshu has been building since 1980. Q  Is settling a problem?
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    7.What is your “Airtight Warranty” ?

    All logs shrink to some extent regardless of their moisture content at construction time. When wood shrinks it changes shape and therefore a high quality log home must have features like shrink-to-fit log work, double gaskets in the lateral grooves and notches, and some system to correct air leakage after the wood has reached a stable moisture content. On average, your log home will take four years to reach this point and this is why you owe it to yourself to know that your house will be as airtight years down the road as it was the day it was built. At Spar-Log Homes we provide you with a written warranty that your home will be free from air leakage when re-assembled and after the drying process has taken place.
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    8.What kind of stain is best?

    The best type of stain is the one that penetrates the outer fibre of the log, protects it from excessive moisture penetration and still allows the logs to breathe.
    All stains break down from ultraviolet exposure and an excellent stain will break down in a manner where it slowly oxidizes into a powder and blows away. When it is time to re-coat you sweep or wash the house and re-coat with clear only. You should never have to remove the basecoat of stain if you use an excellent stain and understand how to maintain it. We will recommend an outstanding stain for your home.
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    9.What makes Spar-Log Homes Inc Different?

    We are a small, family owned company that has focused on improving the standards of log building worldwide for over 30 years. Our size allows us to be flexible enough and have the skills to accomplish any project using natural logs. Our company works directly with companies from Canada, U.S.A., and Austria that also specialize in high quality log homes. This allows us to work as individual companies, freely sharing our knowledge and skills, while allowing us to work as a team on larger projects.
    Both Wayne and Glen Sparshu are journeyman carpenters and are skilled in every aspect of log home construction. This allows us to design and build homes that are easier to finish by all trades people involved. Our company is able to completely finish your home or take it to any stage you choose and consult or oversee the completion.
    Spar-Log Homes Inc offers our Airtight Warranty on our log work and as you research the handcrafted log home industry you will find this concept rare.

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