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Wayne Sparshu

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Wayne Sparshu is a former director and instructor of the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building.

Wayne has been a member of the International Log Builder’s Association since 1980.

Due to his passion for learning and sharing knowledge, Wayne is known industry-wide as an outstanding builder, educator and inventor. 

Some of his inventions include machinery, tools and log building systems for the log home industry.

Log home building companies from several countries have used his consulting services to help them become more efficient and effective at fulfilling their  customers’ desires.

Wayne Sparshu began his study of log homes in 1976 and founded Spar-Log Homes in 1980.

Very early in his career Wayne realized some of the short-comings of conventional log construction with relation to the shrinkage of wood and the ability to maintain an air tight log home. This led to the development of a system known as the Double-cut Lateral Groove which is achieved using a tool invented by Wayne known as “The Groovy Tool”. This system allows Spar-Log Homes to supply very high quality log homes and to be one of a very few companies that provide an Air-tight Warranty.

Today you will find Wayne doing consulting, design work and special features on log homes.

Glen Sparshu

Glen Sparshu, Wayne’s brother, joined the team in 1981. Since then Wayne, Glen and several other family members (including Wayne’s son Jeri) have built homes around the world.

Glen Sparshu, who has worked with some of the most highly respected builders and instructors in the industry, now oversees and participates in most of the log construction in the Spar-Log Homes building yard.