we create living homes

Imagine entering your log home and feeling the life giving energy of the forest.

log home lifestyle

Your Spar-Log home will keep you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot and invite you to reach out and touch!

tech talk

The overscribed Double-cut Lateral Groove system was created by Spar-Log Homes.

getting started

We work with you from the design through any stage of completion you choose to create your dream home. LEARN MORE >>

log home specialists

Founder Wayne Sparshu and Spar-Log Homes have specialized in completely finished handcrafted full-scribed log homes for over thirty years. Based in Alberta Canada we have built for the Canadian, American, European and Japanese markets. Spar-Log Homes can provide you with everything from the design to a completely finished log home. Our Double-cut Lateral Groove log fitting system allows us to offer an Airtight Warranty which provides you peace of mind, knowing your home will be as energy efficient years from now, when the wood has stabilized, as it is when it is built.We create some of the heathiest green living spaces in the world using trees (a renewable resource), recycled materials and earth friendly products.